Why Do Hospitals Choose to Install Automatic Doors?

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Aug. 21, 2023



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Nowadays, the new type of pneumonia epidemic is serious, so as to be able to better protect against germs, so now hospitals are basically installed with hospital automatic doors.




Medical automatic doors ensure the accessibility and hygiene of the operating room, and the air tightness of the operating room doors is perfectly complemented by non-contact radar and proximity switches. In terms of hygiene, the operating room and intensive care unit are the most sensitive areas of the clinic. The door must be opened very quickly and reliably, and must be unobstructed, and must be closed with good airtightness. Therefore, the large and heavy door leaves at the wide opening to the largest hybrid operating room are equipped with a sealed automatic sliding door system.




In the final part of the closing process, the automatic door system can form a seal with a perimeter contour. By pushing together the special seals attached to the periphery of the door leaf, an airtight seal with the contour of the door opening and the floor can be formed. The smooth automatic door is installed at the main entrance and exit of the hospital with a pass width of (20003000) mm, which is convenient for large flow of people and the passage of wheelchairs and surgical carts. The sliding door occupies a small space and is not harmful to people entering and exiting at the same time. In addition, an emergency opening system can be installed. In emergency situations such as power failure or fire alarm, it can be opened in a 90° direction to form an emergency evacuation channel of (4000-6000) mm to facilitate emergency evacuation.




Glass Airtight Automatic Doors





The automatic sliding door system ensures fast and reliable automatic opening of frequently used doors. The door drive can handle countless movement cycles of door leaves up to 120 kg, always maintaining a barrier-free comfort. With a circular drive cover, this economical drive solution also supports the uniform appearance of many stainless steel doors throughout the clinic building.




Glass airtight automatic doors provide the best convenient operation, and their stay open time adapts to the frequency of use. If there are a large number of visitors, the door leaf will automatically remain open for a longer time, and the movement parameters of the door leaf can be adjusted individually.




Why Do Hospitals Choose to Install Automatic Doors?


Swing door in HPL panel




In an outpatient clinic, it is essential to be able to enter and open doors "without barriers" and to activate the best hygiene of the equipment. After installing the automatic door, you can open the automatic door without any contact at all in a particularly emergency situation. It is enough to push the hand in front of the button.




In other cases, the control can be activated by a switch, or the elbow can be used to open the door more quickly to activate these buttons. The sanitary button with an antibacterial copper surface prevents the spread of bacteria throughout the clinic. To learn more about the detailed introduction of automatic doors in hospitals, please contact us Guangzhou Yizhong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. to provide you with one-stop procurement and door control solutions.



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