What is the Hesco Barrier?

Author: Geym

Jul. 02, 2024



Tags: Minerals & Metallurgy

What is the Hesco Barrier?

Hesco barrier, also known as explosion-proof wall or lock sandbag, is an important form of protection for modern warfare and flood prevention. It is a new product assembled from welded gabion mesh and geotextile, which can hold fine sand, soil, and stones, replace traditional military bunker sandbags, and can be recycled, in line with China's development concept of green environmental protection.

The metal wire mesh container is made of high carbon steel wire and welded with a special welding process, which greatly improves its welding strength and other indicators. The surface treatment adopts hot-dip galvanizing or zinc aluminum alloy technology, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance.

The heavy-duty non-woven geotextile lining has flame retardant and UV resistant properties, greatly improving the safety and service life during transportation, installation, use, and process. In order to meet the needs of various environments and scenarios, the color is generally beige or military green.

Explosion proof cage material: Made of low-carbon steel wire (Q195, Q235) or Galfan wire

Explosion proof cage design: foldable packaging for easy transportation, strong mobility, easy installation, outstanding effect, and easy recycling.

Unlike traditional gabion nets, they can not only hold stones, but also finer sediment. The filling materials are sourced locally, making them particularly suitable for use in downstream rivers or coastal areas where stone is scarce. With the help of excavators, forklifts and other tools, the installation efficiency is dozens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags. Explosion proof gabion mesh products have become quite popular in developed countries such as Europe, America, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. As military equipment, explosion-proof gabion mesh products have played a significant role.


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