What Do You Need To Know About Aluminum Castings?

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Jan. 16, 2024



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Aluminum casting foundry plays an important role in today's industry and is widely used in many industries.With the continuous development of society, people's living demand is also higher and higher, and the demand for aluminum casting technology is also increasing.

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Casting

When we use and use the aluminum casting process, do we know the advantages of aluminum castings produced by aluminum casting?

Main advantages of aluminum castings:

Aluminum castings , not only from the use of materials, but also from other aspects, have some advantages that other castings do not have, the main ones are:

(1) Aluminum castings design are beautiful in appearance and light in weight, which can facilitate transportation.And in cars, that's a big plus.

(2) The density of aluminum alloy is obviously smaller than that of cast iron and cast steel, but the strength and corrosion resistance are much higher.Therefore, under the same load weight, the use of aluminum casting can greatly reduce the weight of the structure.

(3) For the surface of aluminum alloy, its surface gloss is very good, but also good casting performance.

Causes of mold formation of aluminum castings and aluminum castings solutions:

Aluminum casting is a new technology with electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting technology as the core, aluminum smelting and forming composite purification technology and manufacturing core, producing high-quality aluminum casting modern technology.

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Casting

It is inevitable to encounter some problems in the use and storage of aluminum castings.

1. The environment, temperature and humidity of aluminum castings are suitable for mold growth

2. The surface of aluminum castings is mixed with supersolvable materials, which automatically absorbs water into the air to form galvanic battery corrosion reaction, creating an environment suitable for mold growth.

3. Due to the corrosion reaction of the galvanic battery, the surface of the aluminum casting is precipitated with alkaline compound material. After deliquescence, the temperature and humidity are appropriate, and the mold grows rapidly.

4. On the surface of aluminum casting products, there are grease, plant fiber and other soil suitable for mold growth. Once the humidity and temperature are appropriate, mold growth will be rapid.

Precautions against invasive porosity in aluminum castings:

1. Control the source of invading gas in aluminum castings: strictly control the content of gas-producing substances in molding sand and core sand and the moisture of wet type.

2. Control the permeability and compactness of sand mold: the worse the permeability of sand mold is, the higher the compactness is, and the greater the tendency of producing invasive pores is; The compactness of sand mold should be reduced as far as possible under the condition of ensuring the strength of sand mold. It is an effective measure to improve the permeability of sand mold by using surface sand to thicken back sand.

3. Improve the exhaust capacity of sand mold and sand core: put vent holes on the casting mold to help the exhaust, keep the vent holes of sand core unblocked, and set the vent vents on the top of aluminum castings; Use a reasonable casting system.

4. Increase the pouring temperature appropriately: increasing the pouring temperature can make the invading gas have enough time to discharge; During pouring, the height and speed of pouring shall be controlled to ensure the smooth flow and filling of liquid metal.

5. Improve the melting quality of liquid metal: reduce the sulfur content of liquid iron as far as possible to ensure the fluidity of liquid iron; Prevent excessive oxidation of liquid metal, reduce the resistance of gas discharge.

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